Sylwester Wojnowski

His name is Sylwek ( or Sylwester as some people like to call him ) Wojnowski. This is his official website.

He was born and educated in Poland and currently is base in Eastbourne, UK.

As far as his digital life is concerned he is a huge fan of Linux distros, especially when the thing is about

Debian GNU/Linux

It has been his desktop and server environment since 2004.

He is a proud and active user of

and a self-taugh computer programmer.

Web design / development stuff

For a couple of years he has been designing and scripting websites using modern PHP and JavaScript, a solid dose of SQL, spiced CSS and twisted HTML5 ( relying heavily on Kohana, Wordpress and jQuery frameworks).

Server administration / task automation

Apart form web development he does a pinch of server admin work as well. His environment, as it has been already mentioned, is the mighty GNU Debian Linux, and by choice only this distribution. He uses and often abuses standard, proven-over-the-year tools, with Bash being his Swiss-army knife and Ruby programming language playing the role of his Perl.


He would love to to have more time for this game. Maths, espacially stuff related to the calculus, linear algebra, wave forms and discrete maths, has been a long-term subject and indespensible tool of his search for curious patterns across all areas of life.

When he is not burried in his maths books, he takes part in a fantastic mathematical challenge, to some known as Project Euler where he solve exercises in an old-fashioned way with equally old-fashioned programming languages like C and some modern ones e.g. JavaScript.

Heavy metal

If heavy metal could carry blood to the heart, he was the first one who would request for a transfusion.

He runs one and only very subjective list of a thousand and one best heavy metal songs ever written.

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