Sylwester Wojnowski

My name is Sylwester Wojnowski and I'm a full stack web developer, who works with Debian GNU/Linux and codes primarily in PHP, Python, JavaScript programming languages and BASH command line language.

I've been coding on and off since 1997, most recently full time + overtime.

Originally I'm from Poland, but since 2012 living and working in Eastbourne, UK.

I hold double Polish and British citizenship.

You can contact me with this contact form.

About sWWW

This website, sWWW, is an outlet for my code (yup, it is mainly about computer coding, and unlike many other internet sites, less about prose and poetry on the subject), and thoughts on a couple of web technologies. The internet since its inception has been evolving at a brisk pace, this website is a bit like the network, it is in a constant state of flux, dynamic and sometims somehow messy in some departments (unintended consequences of continuous development). Still it provides some valuable and fairly well-tested information.

Contributing opinions and bug fixes

Since websites are intended, and written, by people for people (at least for now), you are more than welcome to share your opinions and thoughts on the content as well as contribute bug fixes.

Contributing content and advertising

Do not hesitate to contact me, if you would like to contribute content to sWWW, or perhaps advertise your website, product or service on this website.

If you need more details on the above or just want to reach me, there is contact form provided.

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