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Welcome to my website. My name is Sylwester Wojnowski and I help individuals and organisations achieve presence on the web.

Web Developer

S.Wojnowski - web developer

Web developer is a programmer who specializes in development of World Wide Web applications. These applications utilize a client-server model and rely on technologies an programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript for client and PHP or Python for server.

Web developers build all the visual elements that users see and use in a Web application as well as all the web services that are needed to power the Web application.

There are three kinds of Web developers: front-end Web developer, backend-end Web developer and full stack Web developer. Front-end developers are responsible for behaviour and visuals on the client side, you know all these flashy images and animations, while back-end developers deal with code run on the server. Full stack Web developers develop both for the client and the server. They are the go-to guys when a database needs an update or a search form is not returning results properly.

In simple words, if you need a website or already have one that needs an update or an extension you most likely need a Web developer. Which one, you will ask? Well, it depends on what needs fixing. More often than not, both pieces of code on the server and the client side need rewriting. So, a full stack web developer is the safest choice.

Web Development

S.Wojnowski - web development

Web development is work involved in developing web applications and refers to writing markup and coding. For the last 20+ years web development has been a fast growing industry with the growth driven by businesses wishing to use their Web sites to advertise and sell their products and services to customers.

In simple terms, if you need a new Web site or want to extend or update an existing one you need web development work done.

Search Engine Optimization

S.Wojnowski - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimiazation (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of unpaid traffic to a Web application from search engines. Quantity of traffic means as many visitors should see your Web application as posible, while traffic quality referes to visitors who are genuinely interested in contents of a web application they are being directed to by a search result.

In simple terms, if you own a Web site, you most likely want many visitors to see it. No matter what service or product you sell, the ultiamte goal is to convert as many of these visitors into returning customers. SEO can greatly help with this.

Web Developer for Hire

If you need a web developer for web development or SEO work on you website, drop me a line!

I am based in the UK but more than happy to consider remote work opportunities.

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S.Wojnowski - FrontEnd Developer Certificate
S.Wojnowski - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate

Web Developer Zone

Web Developer Zone is a code first section devoted to tools and techniques used in web development. Entries in the section contain minimum descriptions and are intended for web developers used to reading lightly documented computer code. Thematically the focus of this section is on PHP, Linux + BASH, JavaScript and Python.

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Walking pyramid graph paths in PHP

12 Feb 2020 19:53:09

Collecting data from all paths in a graph recursively.

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28 Nov 2016 20:53:05

The most used Wordpress hooks

Some frequently used WordPress (4.6.1) hooks below. WordPress hooks array Hooks are stored in wp_filter array and can be accessed through $GLOBALS['wp_filter']. The list of the most used Wordpress hooks and callbacks attached to ...

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Find total of a column of numbers with BASH

28 Nov 2016 20:53:05

Find total of a column of numbers with BASH

Problem: Find total of numbers in a file. File 1: aaa:23 bb:2 ccc:98 . . . File 2: 23,aaa 2,bb 98,ccc . . . File 3: aaa,23,aaa ccc,2,bb bb,98,ccc . . . Function to find the total #!/usr/bin/env bash function sum_it_up(){ file="${1}" ...

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