Number of primes between two numbers

Number of primes between two numbers

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Sometimes, especially when dealing with basics of Number Theory, you come across a question that requires stating whether a number is a prime or perhaps finding all the primes there are between two given numbers. In this article I present a tiny PHP class which has methods to answer exactly this sort or questions.

Primes class

The class, Primes, is written in PHP and has only two methods: is_prime and find_primes. Both of them are described in the code fragment below.

/* Class: Primes - find whether number is a prime or find all primes between a pair of numbers
   Author : Sylwester Wojnowski
   WWW :
     public is_prime($a)
         check for primality of $a  
         $a positive integer
       Return Value:
         bool - true,false
    public find_primes($b, $a=1, $inclusive = true)
         find primes between $a and $b
         $b positive integer
         $a positive integer - optional - default 1
         $inclusive bool - optional - default true
           if false, $a and $b will not be included in the computation
       Return Value:
         array - array of numbers         

class Primes{
  private $primes = array();
  public function __construct(){}
  # find factors of number a
  private function factors($a){
    $factors = array();
    $n = 1;
      return $factors;
    while($n <= $a){
      $b = $a / $n;
        $factors[] = $b;
    return $factors;
  # find out whether $a is a prime
  public function is_prime($a){
    return count($this -> factors($a)) == 2 ? true : false;  
  # find primes between numbers b and a
  public function find_primes($b,$a = 1 , $inclusive = true){
    $this -> primes = array();     
    if($a < 1 || $b < 1 || $a > $b ){
      return array();
    while($a <= $b){
      if($this -> is_prime($a)){
        $this -> primes[] = $a;
    return $this -> primes;

Finding your primes using Primes

Finding out if 37 is a prime:

$pr = new Primes();

Finding all the primes up to 13 inclusive:


Finding all the primes between 90 and 120 inclusive:


Finding all the primes between 3 and 119 inclusive:


Finding all the primes less than 120:


Speed of execution

The class is based on rather basic techniques, hence it is not going to be fast for large numbers. Also, the larger the gap between $a and $b the longer it will take to find primes between them.

Final thoughts

I hope you'll find the above piece of code useful. Also, if you found a bug in the code, please let me know.

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