Web Application Development

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I offer web development and related web design services for individuals and small businesses.

My typical product is a tailor-made, searchable and responsive Web application based on my own Content Management System.

I pay particular attention to simplicity, intuitiveness and functionality of my Web applications, but not only.

Each of them must look attractive, feature a quality layout, a good navigation, prioritize calls to action, and least but not last - be secure.

Updates and Maintenance work

Apart from development of complete web applications, I'm also willing to work on extensions or do maintenance work on a small to medium size existing project.

Whatever it is I take up, I always make sure my service is reasonably priced and work progress reported on regular basis.


I am currently available for work.


I offer very competitive service prices. The prices are based primarily on amount of time needed to complete the task.

Do you need, a web development or scripting service? Drop me a line!