I stick to my guns

Over the last 20 years of developing Web stuff I have tried many technologies, frameworks and programming languages. Initially, the goal was to put together a set of reliable tools, one which would allow me to develop any part of a Web application and automate any task around it.

Achieving the goal took a good while, but evntually, mostly by trial and error, I found my tools, and have not changed them by much since.

While many other web developers were busy switching to new technologies at every new project, learning and then reinventing the wheel with them, I was developing my library of solutions for tools I settled on.

It has been more than 15 years since I created the first recipe file. Today I can say without any hesitation it is this library that is where my main strengths lie and it is the knowledge gathered in it that gives me an edge over many other developers, both new and seasoned ones.

Over the last couple of years I have done only a few minor tweaks to my set of tools. You do not break things that work well, do you?


Here is what tools I use for developing Web applications and roughly how long I have been using them for.


HTML(4,5) - 20+ years,
CSS(1,2,3) - 20+ years,
Bootstrap - 1.5 years,
jQuery - 10+ years,
Vue.js - 1+ years.


Debian GNU/Linux and Linux Power Tools - since 1998,
Apache Web Server - since 2003,
MySQL - since 2003,
PHP(3,4,5,7) - since 2002, Kohana, CodeIgniter (3,4) - 12+ years,
WordPress - 3+ years,
Python (Django) - 2+ years.
BASH - since 1998


GIMP - 10+ years,
Inkscape 10+ years.